fredag den 23. marts 2012

Extending wires - how to.

At some point, we have probably all been in a situation where we had to extend the wire of a nut to prevent the carabiner being loaded over an edge. This is not recommended by the manufacturer of the nuts, but in real life you have to improvise from time to time. I have always extended wires by larks footing another wire. But is this assumption correct?

My traditional way of extending wires.

Based on the assumption that threading nylon or dyneema through the wire would be a bad idea.

Thinking this would be a bad idea? (photo: DMM)

DMM did some testing on the subject. The conclusion is a bit surprising to me. A basket hitched 8mm Dyneema being stronger than the larks footed wire on wire.

Check the video for details. DMM test video and conclusions.

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