fredag den 5. april 2013

Sluff management

Jim Conway and Mark Newcomb has made a good writeup on sluff hazards and sluff management techniques, for the US Forrest Service Avalanche Center.
It's not new anymore, but the information is still relevant. I think it's easy to understand and easy to apply.

Small sluff on Cheops Mountain. Rogers Pass, BC.

tirsdag den 2. april 2013

Recue mission on Combeynot

"Chris; Iben have twisted her knee!" Someone yelled. I'm at around 2900 m and breaking trail on the boot pack after it got too steep to skin. The majority of the group is about 100 m below me, around a corner. I can't see what's going on down there. Communication is difficult because of distance and terrain. Decision is easy, go down and see how bad it is.

The had started in beautiful weather at Col Du Lautaret, and we had ascended the 900 vertical m in little less the 3.5 hours earlier.
The goal was Pic Ouest de Combeynot (3145m). Our skin track had gotten gradually steeper with more frequent kick turns, before we decided to boot pack the steepest part.

mandag den 1. april 2013

Pic Blanc Du Galibier

Easy and popular ski touring on a nice peak close to the (cycling)historic Col Du Galibier.
On good weather days the peak is quite popular, fifteen cars at the trailhead (Col Du Lautaret) are not uncommon.
Most people ski down the south east side (same route as the ascent), but the west wall gives access to good skiing, often untracked and holds powder longer. The first 150 vertical meters of the west wall, are a bit steep. So make sure conditions are stable.

Pic Blanc Du Galibier. Erik posing.