torsdag den 4. september 2014

MTB Elba, Mt Capanne and an unique lift

Second part from riding MTB on Elba. This time we drove from Lacona on the coast up to Marciana located in the central hills of the island. Above Maciana we'll find the summit of Monte Capanne, the highest point of the island - and the highest point of the days ride. Some time ago I saw Dan Milners Trail Ninja episode from Elba, where they try to make their traverse of the island shorter, by using a peculiar looking lift to the summit of Mt Cappane. So - naturally I had to locate the Cabinovia, as it's called, and see it for my self. The consequence; not having to ride the 600 vertical uphill was a nice bonus.

Note to people wanting to attempt the ride: Dan Milner found out, that the upper parts of the mountain is not very rideable - I also learnt the definition of bike n' hike. In other words, it's memorable.

MTB Elba Mt Capanne from Christoffer Larsen on Vimeo.

tirsdag den 2. september 2014

MTB on Elba, riding in Lacona bay

I've been so lucky to be able to spend the entire month in Italy. A month where the only job, was to be together with my wife and our son. And of course to see what the riding was like in the area. The first week was spent on the island of Elba, off the Tuscan coast in the Mediterranean. The remaining part of the month was spent in the small medieval village of Cardoso on the edge of the Alpi Apuane. More about Cardoso later, here comes the first video from the Lacona area of Elba.

MTB Elba - Lacona from Christoffer Larsen on Vimeo.