lørdag den 18. maj 2013

What to do when you loose half your chainring bolts?

Ever tried spreading your chainring bolts all over the trail?
I tried it today. When I discovered something was wrong, to bolts and nuts were missing completely, and the other two had loosened so much, they only had a couple of threads keeping them together with the nuts.
A 15 min search only revealed one bolt. Two nuts and a bolt had been abducted by the numerous very large ants that were all over the trail today.
So how to continue?
Search in your pockets (saddlebag in this case) and see what you can find.
In addition to my tools and spare tube, I found a couple of meters of 3mm cord.
Tighten to two remaining bolts and tie the cord through the two empty holes.

Two bolts and cord for the rest.

It holds up pretty well. Enough to both ride home and to get some icecream to celebrate the arrival of summer.