mandag den 18. marts 2013

Airtravel and Avalanche Airbags

Airtravel and airbag packs are a subject I see debated all over the web and fairly often.
There seems to be a lot mystery and misconceptions around this matter (also among airline check-in staff).

I bought my Mammut Pro 45 Avalanche Airbag Backpack last year, and flew with it a couple of times last season.
This season I have, so far, flown six times with the pack and cartridge.

Some components of the system comes under the dangerous goods regulations. Which part depends on what brand of airbag you use.
For Mammut/Snowpulse, BCA and Wary the dangerous goods component is the cartridge only.
For ABS the dangerous goods components are the deployment handle and the cartridge.

As stated by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) it is legal to carry an avalanche airbag cartridge on a plane. Either in your carry-on or in the checked piece.
Extract from the IATA website:

fredag den 1. marts 2013

Skitouring Revelstoke. Greely Bowl and northeast

Got some local advice on where to find good skiing and touring just outside the Revelstoke Mountain Resort boundary. About 1.5 hours of skinning in total and a full day of very good skiing. I guess the pics speaks for themselves. The timing was also right, perfect ski conditions just before the big storm tomorrow shuts down all touring possibilities for the next couple of days.