fredag den 14. maj 2010

Strange ski touring bindng I saw in Morroco.

Anybody have some info on what it is? Please leave a comment.

torsdag den 8. april 2010


Giver ingen mening, med mindre du ved hvad det er.

fredag den 12. februar 2010

How to modify Petzl Aztar for leashless climbing.

Great tools for moderate ice/mix and alpine stuff.
Only weaknees is the lack of leashless abillity. But that's an easy fix.

What you need:
Grivel slider - the yellow size.
Petzl griprest for Quark.
File, hacksaw, sharp knife, 30 mins.

Mounting the slider:

You need to remove some of the rubber from the upper grip, in order to make the slider slide. You also need to file a bit of the shaft right above the grip. But be carefull, you don't wan't to weaken the shaft. Just remove the paint.

Tie a loop of 3mm elastic cord to the small hole in the head, to keep the slider in place, when plunging the shaft in snow.

Done with the slider.

Next up is the griprest for the hammer.

First remove quite a bit of rubber from the bottom of the grip.
Remove until it looks something like this:

The small grove between the spike and the rubber "horn" should just be big enough to seat the bolt from the griprest.

File/cut down the inner of the griprest to obtain your favorite position of the griprest. Play around a little.

Fix some cord through the hole in the griprest and through the cliphole in the spike.

Or cut away a part of the griprest, to make the cliphole usefull. I prefer this, it's way easier to clip, and also leaves more of the spike usefull.

And now you're the lucky owner of a set of leashless Aztars.
Go climb.