lørdag den 18. februar 2012

Multi purpose equipent - Emergency Powder Basket

An old saying goes something like this: "All gear carried in the backcountry should fulfill more than one purpose."
On a recent ski mountaineering trip in Austrias Ötztal valley I lost a skipole basket on our attempt to climb Karlespitze. Skiing down an unknown, steep and narrow snow ramp at the end of our rappels, in the increasing darkness, with only one functional pole wasn't very intriguing to say the least.
So something had to be done - fast.

The solution was simple and effective. A Dynafit skicrampon on top of my belay device fits perfectly on the tip of the pole. A piece of cord, which you always should carry, tied to the pole handle held it on securely. I safely skied down, and and used the setup successfully for the remaining two days ski out of the valley.
So there you have it: The emergency powder basket.

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