mandag den 16. september 2013

Moroccan climbing

Back in the spring of 2010 Jonathan Mathiesen, Jens Arne and I wen't to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco for some african skialpinism.
I've since had 900+ photos that I want'ed to get sorted and perhaps share a few of.
Anyways now it's autumn '13 and the Danish Climbing Federation are organizing a climbing trip to Tafroute in Morocco, so what better reason to put of some pictures.
This first post from our trip three years ago, is primarily climbing orientated. Later post can cover skiing and culture.

Trekking in from Imlil. 1600 vertical meters + food and gear for two weeks = mule - good idea.

Skiing in Africa means early up in the morning, ascent before sunrise and descent just as the snow turns to perfect corn. This means afternoons can be spent bouldering and climbing.

No first ascent I guess. 

The trick is to get both rock shoes on, without getting snow on them.

Spot a line, and see if it's climbable. The potential is endless. The area see quite a bit of hikers in the summer, and even some ski tourers in the winter. We didn't see any climbers. 

Long alpine projects or shorter crags. It's all there.

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