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Pic Blanc Du Galibier

Easy and popular ski touring on a nice peak close to the (cycling)historic Col Du Galibier.
On good weather days the peak is quite popular, fifteen cars at the trailhead (Col Du Lautaret) are not uncommon.
Most people ski down the south east side (same route as the ascent), but the west wall gives access to good skiing, often untracked and holds powder longer. The first 150 vertical meters of the west wall, are a bit steep. So make sure conditions are stable.

Pic Blanc Du Galibier. Erik posing.

Lots of cars at the Col Du Lautaret.
Power lines ruin the views a bit on the lower part of the ascent, but they disappear after the first small saddle is reached.

Blue skies and white snow. Seldom a bad combination.
The ascent never get's very steep, but the 1.000 vertical meters i quickly gained, as the horizontal distance to be covered is minimal (around 4 km).
Thin cloud coming in as we approach the upper slopes.

The track steepens a bit from the saddle to the summit.

Hordes of people at the saddle under the summit. Seems like some people turn around here.

The always important summit shots.

Space at the actual summit is limited. We skied the west wall, dropping left from this picture.
Allan took a tumble on the upper part of the west wall. Luckily he was able to arrest the fall and avoid hitting any rocks. But he released quite a bit of sluff, which accelerated fast to the bottom of the steep upper part.

Wildlife sightings is always a pleasant bonus of high mountain tours. 
We kept a distance and enjoyed the view.

Luch break where the ascent track crosses to road to Col Du Galibier. Fun the think that in a few months the Tour De France peleton could be sweating hard at this very spot.

A beatifull day out.

Click map to view and download from Garmin Adventures.

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