fredag den 1. marts 2013

Skitouring Revelstoke. Greely Bowl and northeast

Got some local advice on where to find good skiing and touring just outside the Revelstoke Mountain Resort boundary. About 1.5 hours of skinning in total and a full day of very good skiing. I guess the pics speaks for themselves. The timing was also right, perfect ski conditions just before the big storm tomorrow shuts down all touring possibilities for the next couple of days.

Ready to follow the "Lemming Line" from top of Stoke chair through North Bowl and Greely Bowl to exit the ski area.

Skinning Northeast from Greely Bowl.

Fantastic light in the morning. We skinned about 200 vert before pulling the skins.

Anne Sofie tasting the pow.

Kitti enjoying.

Knee deep.

Air and soft pow. Whats not to like?


Ahh. Pillows.

Kitti ripping in the open.

More pillows.

Smiles, smiles, smiles.

Skinning the 400 vert back up through the forrest, before we could ski back into the RMR ski area, and down to the bottom of the Ripper Chair.

Click here to see map, elevation data and to download GPS track from Garmin Adventures.

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