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Kullen / Hovs Hallar Januar 2013

Like said, like done.
Departure from Cph friday afternoon at 15.00. Arriving at the Kullaberg parking lot just as darkness had fallen.
Having brought along some powerfull headlamps, the plan was to scout the north coast for ice possibilities.
We started out near Visitgrottan. The pillar left of the cave was really thin, but further up the ravine to the left, the ramp that leaves to the forrest directly above the cave, had formed enough to mandate a try.

Short sections of thin ice 

After the adventurous ice-soon-turning-into-turf climbing, we went to Ablahamn to do some of the short routes, before going to the hut.

Kasper felling the pain when warm blood retuns to frozen hands 

After a cozy night in the DBKK hut and some nutritious breakfast, consisting of equal amounts fruit, chocolate and bacon - we pointed the small Toyota towards Hovs Haller in search of some more ice.

Don't forget the coffee 

Beautifull weather at Hovs Hallar, but the ice was still a bit thin all over.
A week more in the freezer will probably do wonder I guess.

Thin ice, but good coverage, at Hovs Hallar 

Giving the conditions, we decided to do some toproping at Hovsfossen. Which, standing at beach level, required a little slough up through the snow covered boulder field and upper forrest.

Hovsfossen i pretty well formed at the bottom, but lacks connection between the lower and upper ice sections.

Nothing wrong with the scenery 

After three climbs if was time to head back to Copenhagen, in due time for social obligations.
The moral of the story: Even if you don't have time to get out, there's always time to get out.
 Just put on the headlamp;)

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